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We answer your questions

What is an adaptogen?

A great bulwark against stress! Adaptogens come from the plant kingdom (herbs and fungi). They help the body to protect itself against various stressors.
Stress from a scientific point of view, ie the problems that the body can encounter when faced with an overstimulation of its environment. For a plant to be classified as an adaptogen it must meet the following criteria
  • Be non-toxic.
  • Act on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPS) axis and the sympatho-adrenal system (SAS), and regulate the functioning of organs and systems.
  • Have a general effect, and not on a single organ.
What is almost magical about them is that they adapt! Scientific studies have shown that they can act in one direction or the other (stimulate or soothe) according to what is best for the return to homeostasis (balance).
As if they were smart. They are the perfect antidote for vitality deficiencies caused by the stresses of modern life. Ashwagandha, rhodiola, ginseng or shilajit are among the chosen few.

Can the different products be mixed?

We have formulated a range with experts to be complementary and very gentle on your body.

We have studied our products so that they act in synergy with the ultimate goal of making you more efficient and more energetic than ever!
You can therefore mix without any problem what we offer, no ingredient prevents the assimilation of another, on the contrary. .

What is a Super Mushroom?

No it's not the booster in Mario Kart. But a mushroom class that gives you a boost, yes! Commonly called medicinal mushrooms, they have been used for millennia in all cultures and can help improve cognitive performance, fight skin problems, increase energy, etc.
They were ignored by modern medicine for a long time before we became aware of their extent of body-strengthening power. Reishi, Lion's Mane , Shiitake are among the best known.

What is a super weed?

Have you ever heard of super fruits? It's the same thing, in the…grass version. More explicitly these are herbs that support the organism in a targeted way.
They are sometimes considered as accompanyingadaptogens because they will specifically target an organ or a need while the adaptogen will act systemically, on the whole body. Maca, chaga , turmeric or rosemary are some of them.

Are your products organic?

The majority of our products are organic. Why not all? Because it sometimes happens to find an ingredient that seems to us more effective, ethical or respectful of nature than a product stamped organic.
And in any case, for wild and pure products like shilajit organic cultivation is not possible.

How is your packaging different?

We use Miron brand ultraviolet glass jars . They preserve product quality much better than any other glass, by filtering visible light rays and trapping some of the infrared and ultraviolet rays.
Thus the products are much better preserved than with white, brown or opaque glass. We use labels that are easily removable (hot water at 80°C) so that you can reuse them.
Shilajit FAQs
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