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Unknown techniques to boost your energy

Unknown techniques to boost your energy

Taking care of your energy is ultimately quite simple, as we have seen in the previous articles. But how to go further ? How do you move from correct energy to vitality that can literally transform your life? That's what we're going to see today.

The key: not only will you no longer have pump strokes but, more than that, you will know how to boost your energy like never before.

Hormesis: the art of strengthening your body

“Setting you in motion” is what this word of Greek origin means. Practicing hormesis amounts to stressing your body, in a light and controlled way, so that it strengthens itself. Without knowing it, you may have already experienced it if you ever treated yourself with homeopathy.

By doing this you create larger and more powerful mitochondria, resulting in more energy. Here's how you can actually act on it:

  • The sport

We start with the most obvious: sport. When you sit too long your body tells itself that it is resting and slowly begins to prepare for sleep. If it becomes a habit (by having a sedentary job for example) the health and number of your mitochondria may decrease.

On the contrary, moving sends the alarm clock signal! I assure you : no need to play Wimbledon or run a marathon for that. Simple things like walking or stretching during the day will noticeably improve your energy levels.

  • The young

You have been told for a long time that you should not skip meals and you have come to believe it. It is sure that if skipping a meal results in snacking it is not good at all. But if not eating was very beneficial for your health? This is exactly the case when you consciously decide to go without food for a while.

For many it's inconceivable (“I'm going to wake up at night to eat”, “I'm going to have a stomach ache”) but for everyone it's largely doable. All it takes is a little willpower, which will be supported by the many benefits of fasting. Indeed when you do not eat for a minimum of twelve hours your body will get rid of toxins more easily (a process called autophagy), your DNA will repair itself better and your body will produce more antioxidants.

  • The sauna

Personally, I'm a big fan, so much so that I bought one last year and said to my wife: “I took out life insurance for us”, just that! The sauna, prefer the infrared sauna rather than the classic one. Indeed, when you expose yourself to the heat of infrared waves, the mitochondria increase their energy needs. They will react by using the oxygen present in the blood more efficiently. FYI this process is called oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS). Exposing yourself to stress like this can boost mitochondrial function by up to 28%.

Food supplements to boost your energy

You will agree that the tips I have given you so far are simple to put in place (even fasting, yes ). But frankly it is very complicated to stick to it while having a “normal” life. This is where dietary supplements have a role to play: as a supplement OR to serve as a starter. Without shilajit I definitely won't be where I am, so let's start with this one.

  • Shilajit

With very, very few exceptions, everyone lacks minerals. Magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc or even selenium… The deficiencies are abysmal. Major cause: the dramatic impoverishment of the soil. Hold on tight, since 1950:

And all this is present in shilajit , in addition to fulvic acid, which I will come back to at greater length one day. Thanks to all its compounds, shilajit considerably increases your energy by acting on the hormonal stress axis (HHS axis), preserving the integrity and function of the mitochondria.

Very easy to take, shilajit can replace morning coffee, like a new ritual. Personally I take it after colostrum, accompanied by reishi.

  • Magnesium

Along with vitamin D (which I strongly urge you to test, on simple request from your GP), magnesium is the most common deficiency. Supplementing with magnesium will have many beneficial effects: relaxing, better quality of sleep, increased sports performance or the prevention of osteoporosis, to name but a few!

It exists in the form of capsules but also oil to rub on the body or Epsom salt.

  • CoQ10

If its name rings a bell, it's because you've seen ads for cosmetics that include co-enzyme Q10. Cells use it to produce energy and protect themselves from damage from oxidative stress.

Without it the level of ATP drops and with the corollary a decrease in energy. If you want to supplement with CoQ10 I advise you to add shilajit. In fact, when CoQ10 and shilajit are taken together, it has been noted to improve mitochondrial function, boost the ability of mitochondria to convert food into energy, and increase the energy available to tissues.

  • Reishi

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom, known as the long life mushroom, has the ability to lower the level of free radicals (= inflammatory debris) and increase the level of ATP. It will also, and this is probably its best known benefit, help your immune system to regulate itself. Which means fewer allergies, a better fight against viruses and suddenly… more energy.


With all this you have a (clear) head start to live with more energy, longer. With more energy you will better cope with the vagaries of life such as viruses (I know one who is starting to act up again at the moment), stress or psychologically difficult episodes to pass.

Energy is life. If you don't have enough you now have some marbles in hand to get more. If you have enough… you will have even more tomorrow!

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