We are reinventing dietary supplements

It's time for each of us to live life to the fullest, free from pain and fatigue. Free to reach their full potential. Free to enjoy every moment that is offered to us. Free to finally be ourselves. This is why all our products act in a deep and lasting way.

They are chosen and designed so that you feel their effects during and after their consumption.

Our history

After a massive intake of antibiotics which ruined his
health Jean-Christophe tried to regain his former form. He went to the advanced services of the largest French hospitals, without success. He was then followed by doctors in the United States and Australia. Then nothing helping, he then understood that he would have to take charge of himself to heal and regain a life full of energy.

He then built bridges between traditional medicine and advanced science.

A few months later he recovered.

Siho was born from this desire, that of wanting to live to its full potential at all costs.

Innovative supplements

Combining the latest scientific advances with natural supplements used by traditional medicines, we create incredibly effective food supplements.

Whether you are looking to increase your energy, have optimal digestion or even reduce your inflammation, we want you to find what will transform your daily life.

The highest possible quality, without compromise

At Siho we offer you the best ingredients
available, regardless of cost. From personal experience we have learned that a food supplement must absolutely be of exceptional quality if it is to be effective.

Our charter meets the following criteria: tested in an independent European laboratory, organic when possible, validated by scientific studies and, perhaps most important of all, highly absorbable by the body.

Siho: the origin of the name

Siho was created for one purpose: that in terms of health you had the highest possible, to go so high , to live the life you deserve. . It's that simple.