This should answer any questions you may have, if not, please do not hesitate to contact us. For a shorter list of the main Frequently Asked Questions about Shilajit it's here.

What is shilajit?

Shilajit is a very rare natural substance that comes from the decomposition and aggregation of plants. It is similar to a brown resin comparable to a malleable paste, the degree of viscosity of which reacts to variations in temperature. It is found in many places around the world, in very limited quantities. The most common sources are the Himalayas and Altai. Used for millennia in traditional medicine for its immense virtues, shilajit is increasingly considered by modern science. Shilajit contains fulvic and humic acid and more than 80 minerals and trace elements that provide many benefits for our health.

Is it proven by science?

We are all fed up with false claims . Every product we offer is scientifically studied with proven results for energy and various other benefits. You can find our compilation of scientific references in the related section of our site. To sum up, research has been taking place since the end of the 1980s and its number has increased sharply in recent years. They updated its approximate composition (approximate because extremely complex). In 2020 the following effects were observed: Regeneration of skin from burns and bruises Anti-inflammatory properties Better recovery after physical exercise Improved metabolism Lower anxiety Beneficial effects against chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia Rejuvenation, longevity Better concentration and improved mental activity Libido Fight against cancer.

How is shilajit made and purified?

In the heart of certain mountains, plants and organic matter accumulate over time. The pressure of the rock masses, the changes in temperature and climate gradually transform these compounds into a material similar to resin or asphalt: shilajit. In summer, the rocks "sweat" and bring out this brown material, which must absolutely be purified before consumption. Our shilajit is purified in a 100% natural way, using water from the surrounding springs several times, the sediments are then filtered out. Then it is left to dry in the sun, in order to remove any moss and possible mold. No chemical process, everything is done in the traditional way.

Are there different grades of shilajit?

Shilajit is commercially available in the form of: - Powder - Resin - Liquid We can only recommend avoiding powders as much as possible, which can be easily tampered with, mixed with other much less expensive but also much less powerful products, even dangerous. If some manufacturers are reliable it is impossible, unless you have the powder analyzed yourself, to know its exact composition. Resins and liquids are much more reliable and recommended because they are normally unprocessed. Resins and liquids must nevertheless have been purified so as not to contain heavy metals. We strongly advise you to ask for the analysis sheets, carried out batch by batch if the seller is serious. There are also four types of shilajit: - Gold shilajit - Silver shilajit - Copper shilajit - Iron shilajit If gold and silver shilajit seem rarer than the last two the comparisons that have been made on their potentials indicate no difference or even possibly an advantage for iron shilajit (we are not at the Olympics!). The names change with the general composition and the rest is part of myths and legends.

You talk about a different packaging, what does that bring?

Our promise is to bring you the best from start to finish: from the origin of the products to the quality of their conservation. We use Miron brand ultraviolet glass jars. By filtering the visible light rays and trapping part of the infrared and ultraviolet rays, the preservation of the product with all its properties is incomparable compared to conventional glasses.

Moreover, something little known, fulvic acid has the property of attacking plastic. So shilajit should not be stored in plastic.

We use easily removable labels (hot water at 80°C) so that you can reuse them.

Is shilajit vegan?

Yes, 100%. It is also free of gluten, lactose and any other allergens.

How does shilajit work?

Shilajit is unique in its composition: a mixture of more than 80 minerals and trace elements, combined with fulvic and humic acid (and other compounds). Fulvic acid helps transport these precious elements into our cells and increases their bioavailability. So when we consume shilajit we absorb much better these minerals and trace elements that we are so lacking, thanks to the help of these acids.

How can I take shilajit?

Ayurveda recommends infusing it in hot milk. You can also melt it for a few minutes in hot (not boiling) filtered water. We insist on filtered or mineral water, which does not contain pollutants such as chlorine because shilajit could also multiply its effects, which are harmful to our health. Shilajit can be mixed with honey or consumed directly raw, by melting it under the tongue. We advise you to start with the equivalent of a grain of rice for our shilajit resin or a drop for our liquid shilajit. After a few days go to three grains a day, morning noon and evening.

How to store shilajit?

Liquid shilajit can be put in the fridge or in a cool place. The resin will harden with the cold and will be difficult to use in this way. We therefore advise you to keep it in a dry place and at room temperature.

Can I use shilajit other than by swallowing it?

Of course ! Here you will find recommendations for use as well as homemade recipes. The beneficial effects of shilajit also take place in a cream, shampoo, soap… imagination is your only limit .

Can I give shilajit to my pet (dog, cat, horse)?

Shilajit has the ability to benefit all living beings . You just have to adjust the doses. If on a man we recommend a daily dose between 100 and 500mg per day here are some indications for your dear and loving companion: - For your domestic animal an eighth to a quarter of your consumption - For your horse (it works miracles on racehorses) cheerfully multiply by three or four.

How long can I store shilajit?

Shilajit does not spoil over time if stored in its original container. Nevertheless, we advise you to consume it within three years, as a precautionary principle.

How soon will I feel the effects?

The answer is… variable depending on each individual. Some feel the effects in two days, for others (which is the case of the author of these lines) it will be a week or more. However, do not be discouraged: here you have a subtle but powerful, natural and "multitasking" product. Unlike a medicine, it does not act on one element of the body but on the whole body. Its general effect may indicate that one feels its benefits after a period of assimilation. Since it also acts at the level of the mitochondria (our energy-producing cells), it will take a few days to reactivate your energy potential at the root. We recommend a minimum consumption of two weeks and two months to maximize its effects. We also recommend that you do cycles, so that the organism does not get used to receiving these elements and does not become dependent on them. However, in the case of chronic or profound diseases, for the elderly or those suffering from mitochondrial diseases, there is no need for a cycle, the organism needing all the resources possible to rebuild itself.

Is shilajit safe?

Used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, shilajit is considered a miracle product, Ayurveda having elevated it to the rank of “king of rasayanas (the science of life extension)”. A product almost unknown in the West, it is very well known in the East (Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Russian medicine, Unani, etc.), particularly for the absence of its side effects . Shilajit is therefore a completely safe product, as long as it is purified (do not hesitate to ask for the certificates of analysis that any serious company should be able to provide you with on request). Nevertheless, and like all the products you will find at SIHO, we do not recommend it to pregnant women and newborns, as a simple precautionary measure, knowing that no study has been carried out on future mothers.

Can I give shilajit to my children?

In short: yes. A natural product, shilajit does not contain any substance that could harm a child. A child has the same nutritional needs as an adult and, as part of an ideal diet and lifestyle, should not need them. However, the reality is often very different: because of changes in our society, their diet is often unsuitable, the intake of nutrients is incomplete, sometimes associated with a lifestyle that is out of step with their needs. Thus a supplementation in minerals and trace elements as well as, sometimes, in vitamins, can be indicated. Some are more at risk of finding themselves deficient in minerals: those suffering from celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, toddlers suffering from a problem with the mitochondria and those following a vegan or vegetarian diet. The needs of children are the same as those of adults, however in less quantity. The equivalent of one grain of rice per day will normally be sufficient.

Are there any contraindications?

Shilajit is a very safe product. Although there are no known side effects, it is nevertheless not recommended in the following very rare cases:

  • The very rare people who suffer from phenylketonuria. Shilajit contains traces of phenylalamine, a substance particularly controlled in the context of this genetic disease.
  • Diabetics: since shilajit has hypoglycemic properties, it will be good to talk to your doctor about it and monitor your blood sugar.
  • People with too much uric acid: Shilajit is known to increase uric acid.

How many doses in 15g of shilajit?

The recommended dose being 300mg per day, a 15g jar will cover your needs for 50 days. At a rate of 100mg per day you will have it for 150 days and with 500mg… 30 days.

My shilajit has become very hard, what should I do?

Shilajit reacts to heat . Put the pot in your pocket or near a source of gentle heat so that it regains its initial fondant. How much fulvic acid is in your shilajit? If the few studies on the subject show a fulvic acid content of around 50 to 60%, it is unfortunately impossible for us to answer this question precisely. Indeed, shilajit is an extremely complex product, of which we are only just beginning to glimpse the mechanisms and to know its composition. In addition, like any natural product, the values ​​vary. We therefore prefer to dwell on this issue, rather than give illusory figures.

How do I know if my shilajit is pure?

There are several very simple options available to you: Pure Shilajit does not smoke when put on a charcoal ember. When in water, a grain of Shilajit completely dissolves and settles to the bottom, within minutes. Pure Shilajit has a characteristic, very strong smell. Shilajit is soft to the touch, with no harshness.

Do you have analysis results for your products?

Yes and every company providing shilajit should do the same. You will find ours here, made by a very famous French laboratory.

How to properly dose the product?

One dose (100mg) is equivalent to the size of a grain of rice. Using the tip of a knife, take the shilajit and infuse it. If you have difficulty with this process we recommend liquid shilajit.

Can shilajit be taken alongside other superfoods, adaptogens, or vitamins/supplements?

Yes and it is even recommended! Indeed the fulvic acid contained in the shilajit will increase the effects. For example, it has been proven that the effects of coQ10 or vitamin B complexes are superior compared to taking them alone.

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