Reishi extract (capsules)

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Reishi is a food supplement from the pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicine. Renowned for its many therapeutic benefits, it notably helps to strengthen the immune system.

Known as the "mushroom of immortality", it is reputed to increase longevity and strengthen vital energy.

Siho reishi is rich in beta-glucans. B-glucans act on the intestinal flora to relieve the digestive system. They also strengthen the immune system.

It is also used for people suffering from allergic reactions, by modulating part of the immune system.

To benefit from its benefits, a supplementation of a dose of two capsules per day is recommended. Like all supplements, it should be taken as part of a healthy diet to improve its absorption, and thus its assimilation.

Rare are these side effects: possibly diarrhea, nosebleeds or itching.

Strengthens the immune system through different mechanisms such as the activation of cytotoxic T cells and B lymphocytes.

HELPS AGAINST FATIGUE AND DEPRESSION: Reishi is the only mushroom classified as an adaptogen. Thus it helps to fight against stress, stabilize morale and sleep better.

An ally in case of allergy and asthma: by acting on the immune system, reishi is able to rebalance cytokines TH1 and TH2, thus reversing the transition from TH1 to TH2. Thus it promotes a return to calm of the body which will no longer have reason to panic too quickly.

Proven benefits against cancer, in particular by reducing symptoms due to chemotherapy.

100% organic reishi carpophore extract, concentrated at 30% polysaccharides.

Origin: Our reishi comes from the province of Fujian, a region known worldwide for the reputation of its agronomy. The most famous teas are produced there, such as Ti Guan Yin.

The reishi extract comes in the form of capsules of 270mg each.

2 capsules per day, i.e. 540mg per day.

Triterpenes: derivatives of lanosterol (in particular ganoderic acids, ganodermic acid, ganodermic alcohols, lucidones and lucinedic acids) they have marked antitumor, antimetastatic, cytotoxic and enzyme inhibiting properties.

Alpha and beta-glucans (α-1,3, β-1,3 and β-1,6-D-glucans and ganoderan) they have an impressive antiangiogenic property and strengthen the immune system.

Rare are the side effects of this very well tolerated dietary supplement. Nevertheless, there can sometimes be transient stomach aches, due to polysaccharides to which the body is not accustomed or even oral and nasal dryness.

While the vast majority of the population can benefit from the so-called "long life" mushroom, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it as a precaution. People who have received a transplant or those on immunosuppressants should also avoid it at all costs. Similarly, people on immunosuppressants or transplant recipients should also avoid this fungus.

Possibly anticoagulant, it should also be avoided in the event of thrombocytopenia or before surgery.

It is impossible to offer medicinal mushrooms by ignoring reishi, perhaps the best known of all.

With its many benefits for our health (much more than those mentioned above) it is the companion for those who want to improve their health on all levels.

In addition, it has an antiallergic and asthmatic action by acting in depth on the immune system, one of the root causes of allergies.

Siho seeking to act at the cellular level, organic reishi was ideal.

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