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Check these 18 body signs and live better every day.

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Check these 18 body signs and live better every day.

Live better with this daily check-up (or almost)

Our daily life is filled with to do lists : shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, helping the children with their homework, planning the renovation of the house, thinking about the next vacation... not to mention everything we have to do for work, where the tasks are often as long as a day without bread.

But wait… in this long list aren't you forgetting something, something essential?

And yes, taking care of your health , cherishing your body, giving it all the attention it deserves to live full of energy, sleep like a baby, digest perfectly… we don't think about it enough. And yet to accomplish all these tasks that we set for ourselves, we need to have a body that responds present, a reactive body when we ask for it.

Your to do for the week or day should first and foremost list what you need to do for yourself. So that your to do list becomes a very sweet list .

Because the body and its language are complex , we have prepared our list for you. So that you can better decode what is right and wrong.

Then act accordingly.

Rather than a simple list by problem, we preferred to give it to you by place of life . Because it's simpler, because they often correspond to a time of day. So you can classify them more easily and include them in your everyday life.


This is THE place where we spend the most time. Our bedroom welcomes us for 26 years of sleep and… 4 months of sex.

  1. A low libido

woman libido

While it is natural to have fluctuating cravings, being prone to low libido or, in men, erection difficulties may be a sign of a larger dysfunction. A lack of interest in sex , when one is in osmosis with his or her partner, shows that there is a glitch.

In men this may be due to a lack of testosterone and in women a drop in estrogen levels. On both sides certain medications, depression, a chronic illness or poorly managed stress. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco or too intense physical exercises can also be linked.

  1. You have trouble falling asleep or you sleep poorly

person having trouble sleeping

While we should all be able to fall asleep within minutes of turning off the lights, unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. According to some studies, 40% of adults suffer from difficulty falling asleep and 7 to 10% of the population take medication to help sleep.

The big enemy may well be cortisol , the stress hormone thought to drop at night. Your body needs to be able to recharge after an active day. If you suffer from insomnia it is possible that your cortisol levels rise at night due to an imbalance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems which cause a "fight or flight" type reaction in your body. You respond far too easily to stress, which over time disables your self-repair mechanisms. Consequence: you fall ill more easily.

  1. You wake up too frequently to pee

mountains night

Sleeping straight should be the norm. Alas, this is not the case for everyone and it may be a sign of a malfunction. Among the causes: mast cell instability (better known as histamine intolerance) or even sleep apnea. In any case, you suffer from what is called nocturia , which will give you the opportunity to shine at a dinner party (Excuse me Jean-Pierre, we don't say "Martine gets up very often at night to do pee but "my wife suffers from nocturia"). This concerns about 70% of people over 40 years old.


Once awake your first instinct is probably to go to the bathroom to empty your bladder, unless you suffer from nocturia and you went there an hour before of course. Ideally you will return there during the day for another business.

  1. Your urine is dark


The color of your urine could be related to what you ingest and your hydration. If we have all experienced a color and a smell, let's say, a few hours after eating asparagus, we also know from experience that if its color is yellow verging on brown, it means that we are not drinking. not enough. If you are optimally hydrated your urine will be very clear . Alcohol, tea and coffee being beverages that dehydrate so favor… simply water.

  1. You are regularly bloated

big bloated man tattoos

Excessive bloating can be very annoying, it can seriously bloat you. Joke apart from that is not funny because it causes fatigue and pain. The major cause of bloating: an imbalance of the microbiota or, to simplify, bacteria living in your intestine. If the bad guys take over then your intestines will start to look like an over-inflated inner tube. If the super-villains (equivalent of final bosses in a video game) reign, you can say hello to flatulence whose smells will be closer to a dense forest at the end of autumn than a garden where blooms roses, Mexican orange trees and wisteria in late April.

  1. You're not going to make the big buck at least once a day

Your intestines move every time you eat a meal. Well… they should. When you put food through the digestive tract, the intestines work to eliminate waste and make room for new food. If not, then you are starting to get constipated . When you are constipated, toxins in the body can seep through the lining of the intestine, enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation, which can put you at risk for a whole host of health problems.

Constipation, like too frequent bowel movements, is therefore anything but harmless. It is to be considered very closely if you want to live in good shape.

  1. Your stools are the wrong shape

bristol scale, stools, feces, droppings

This is a taboo subject , one that no one talks about because it would be “dirty”. Besides, don't we say “you piss me off” or “I screwed up” and don't young children laugh when they say “pee-caca”?

Few people know what good poop looks like (let's call a spade a spade. Well… you get the idea). Thanks to this article you will know it and will be able to shine again during a meal. Or not, it's up to you.

For this there is a scale, that of Bristol. Besides being the name of an unknown brand of cars or a type of paper, it is also the name of the city where it was produced, in 1997 precisely.

Types 1 and 2 show constipation, Types 3 and 4 represent the ideal while Types 5 to 7 tend towards loose to watery stools. Whether you are type 1, 2, 5, 6 or 7, an intake of soluble fiber will be of great benefit to you.


“Freed, delivered” you are then in your small or large bathroom. And in this room there are things to check! Take your notebook, let's go for a big tour in a small room.


  1. you have bad breath

bad breath, halitosis

Did you just drink a coffee flavored with garlic, did you have a cigarette a few minutes ago or the night before was too drunk? Well in this case it's normal. But otherwise it's not a good sign.

Your breath or rather its smell is an important clue showing your overall health. While fresh breath is an indication (but not proof) that your digestive system is working well, fruity breath may indicate diabetes (unless you just ate Mentos we agree), foul breath may be associated with reflux in the stomach, a fishy smell can be a sign of kidney failure and a sour smell can be sleep apnea.

  1. Your body in the shape of an apple

fat man, bmi, belly circumference

For decades, a certain aestheticization of society has pointed the finger at big buttocks. Besides the fact that it may appeal to some in our society (remember the song by Sir Mix A Lot: "I like big butts I cannot lie") these forms are clearly appreciated and sought after in other companies. Much more than the question of beauty, it is health that interests us here. Perrier-shaped or pear-shaped bodies are not necessarily a sign of poor health. What is on the other hand is the brioche, the belly, the love handles. More simply said: a big belly or more exactly an excessive presence of visceral fat.

Visceral fat is present as its name suggests around your intestines, it prevents them from carrying out their functions. In addition, it produces hormones and other pro-inflammatory substances. In the long run it causes chronic and cardiovascular diseases.

More important than the BMI which does not take into account the presence of fat in the body but only the weight-to-height ratio the presence of abdominal fat is an important marker of the risks which weigh on your health and which we are only just beginning to understand.

If you are aware of this problem start with exercise, even in small doses, and consume more fiber.

  1. Your muscles are shapeless

sporty old man

Look at Schwarzenegger at 25 and look at him now: if he has clearly lost his luster, he nevertheless keeps his muscles drawn, despite his seven decades. If everyone is not Schwarzenegger, this should not prevent you from working your body to have muscles that are, if not prominent, at least present.

To your hopefully daily walk, add walking sticks, place an exercise bike in front of your TV… there are plenty of tricks for that.

You are now halfway through the checklist, congratulations! I applied this list above all to myself and, if I could always get better (this is Siho's goal), it clearly helped me and helps me in my daily life. People around me and then clients have used it and the results have been there: by becoming aware of what is working and not working, you correct and improve. You optimize BEFORE something really goes wrong.
At the end of this article I offer you solutions to start getting better and then one day go very very well. Hold on, patience and perseverance pay off!

  1. Your skin is relaxed

cracked skin, dry earth

A quick turgor test, yes it's called that, of the skin is helpful. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand: it should return to normal quickly. If it tightens late then it is a sign of dehydration.

  1. Your tongue is anything but pink

pink tongue, pink hair, laughing woman

A pink or rosy tongue, possibly with a slight white film, is what you should look for. If your tongue seems heavy, white, yellowish… it's a sign of a malfunction.

  1. Your gums are fragile

woman sore mouth

Do you brush your teeth and bleed easily? This may be due to inflammation of the gums and/or a lack of vitamins C and K.

  1. Your nails are brittle or spotted

manicured nails

Who doesn't remember their mother watching our fingernails attentively, looking for white spots? And from time to time the verdict fell: “You lack calcium”. True or false ?

True, in part. These spots can be a sign of a lack of calcium but also of zinc. Other spots may show a yeast infection, an allergy to beauty products, or just… your clumsiness if you've driven a nail recently.

  1. Your hair is fine and brittle

woman with fragile hair

We're not going to imitate shampoo commercials, but we could. Indeed, fine and brittle hair is a sign that should not be overlooked. Which ? Quite simply that you lack vitamins and minerals: iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin D are among those that could be lacking for beautiful hair.


After the long part in the bathroom here is a very small one, which nevertheless has a BIG importance.

  1. You are tired after lunch

tired woman after lunch

Like every day you take your lunch. With your colleagues, with your children or spouse, in front of your computer , in a park. And like every day you get the hang of it a few minutes later. Normal you say. Well no ! While it's normal to feel a lack of drive at this time, with your digestive system working to process what you've just given it, being genuinely tired shows that there's something wrong.

Diabetes, food intolerances, sleep apnea, anemia or even an underactive thyroid could be the cause of excessive fatigue after eating.


It's time to get back to work and as you love your job that's good, you get into it every day with enthusiasm. Except that this enthusiasm can sometimes be tainted by feelings that range from unpleasant to painful.

  1. You have trouble staying focused

concentrated woman

Staying focused is getting harder and harder. Since the explosion of the internet and the arrival of smartphones, we have been bombarded with messages and notifications. All of this stuff plays with our dopamine, the reward hormone. This is why, in spite of ourselves, we are tempted to look at our phone dozens of times a day (between 52 and 96 times a day according to recent studies). Not to mention the latest video from your favorite youtuber that comes out once a week + the other latest video from your other favorite youtuber +…
Remember, in 2004 the boss of TF1 Patrick Le Lay then declared to sell “available human brain time”, which caused a stir, not to say scandal. And yet we were in 2004, at the beginning of the internet explosion and well before the arrival of smartphones. Since this available brain time is more than ever disputed by the many companies playing on this niche.

But there are other factors that keep you from staying focused. After all, you can very well turn off your phone or put software preventing you from connecting. Having trouble staying focused can be a sign of a lack of minerals, vitamins and amino acids or even an imbalance in your microbiota. These imbalances and deficiencies can lead to serious disorders if they are not corrected in time (such as ADHD, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, dementia, depression, insomnia).

  1. You have frequent headaches

woman with headache

Headaches, although more or less painful, are often quite harmless. Among the many factors contributing to create these pains that can kill your life. First consider the simplest thing: water. Indeed, even limited dehydration can be the cause. A lack of magnesium as well as a deficiency in vitamin D and B (all but B2 more particularly) are to be considered.

Digestive problems are also increasingly considered: irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, or infection with H. Pylori and other bad bacteria.

If these eighteen signs can be stored in each room of your home, some are unclassifiable:

  1. You are moody

zen and smiling woman

More than just being sluggish, being moody means having times when everything seems to be going great and suddenly everything falls apart. Or the opposite. While it's perfectly normal to have ups and downs, being constantly tossed around from one extreme to another is exhausting and, more than that, a sign that something is wrong. If many medical pathologies fall within this framework (bipolarity, depression, cyclothymia, etc.), a deficiency in vitamins and minerals (the same as headaches: vitamins B, D, magnesium, zinc) as well as an intestinal flora in bad shape may be the cause.

  1. You catch cold regularly

man with a cold blowing his nose

To end this list, here is a common good: catching cold regularly. If having a cold once a year can be considered normal, being sick several times a year, including in winter, can be a sign of a weakened immune system, a lack of vitamin D (you have seen how it comes back that one all the time?), sleep or hydration. Last but not least eating poorly clearly weakens your body. More good fat, less sugar and above all more fiber will help you find a resistant body.

In conclusion

Ask people around you and they'll tell you they're healthy (just like they'll say they're good drivers). Now that you know the things to watch out for, ask them the question in a more focused way (maybe don't start with number 7, you might offend some people) and you'll see that their answers will be much more nuanced.

And for you, after reading the signs to watch out for, what do you tell yourself about your well-being? Fit or not? If you answer no to 18 points out of 20 then congratulations, you look like Superman or Wonderwoman.

Otherwise, action!

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