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How to get rid of your dark circles under the eyes?

How to get rid of your dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles around the eye are a sign of exhausted and sagging skin. It is essential to remove all impurities from your skin in order to enhance its luminosity and freshness. You can choose between a micellar water, an oil, a milk or a cleansing gel to eliminate all the impurities that dull your appearance. The pores must be able to breathe in order for the skin to remain supple and healthy.

Why do we have dark circles under the eyes?

Poor blood circulation and damaged lymphatic tissues cause the signs of dark circles under the eyes or also called, bags under the eyes.

Lymph is a supporting tissue that removes substances from the tissues. As the lymph does not function properly in the lymphatic tissue, the pigments are not removed properly.

The epidermis under the eyes is much thinner than on other parts of the body, which is why dark circles appear so often in this place. Dark circles can also be hereditary or the result of an unhealthy lifestyle .

Can dark circles disappear on their own?

If the origin of dark circles under the eyes is linked to a lack of sleep , excessive fatigue, of course they can disappear spontaneously after a good restorative night.

Getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet , and exercising are three ways to reduce puffiness under your eyes.

Of course, you can't always do this! There are mornings when you just need something quick.

How to remove dark circles from the eyes naturally?

We saw it just before, dark circles under the eyes are above all a question of lifestyle. However there are times when we need a trick to make them disappear faster.

  • Use ice cubes : Take a few ice cubes and put them in a latex glove. Then apply the latex glove containing the ice cube to your dark circles. This method is very effective.
  • A bag of green tea : This is a well-known trick to make bags under the eyes disappear. Using a green tea bag is most effective when the tea is cold. Put it in the fridge for a few minutes before applying it to your dark circles.
  • A cucumber, or nothing : Cucumber is a delicious vegetable that accompanies fresh summer salads and which, in an emergency, can be used to reduce your bags under the eyes. A few thin slices cut and applied to the area will work wonders.

Why do I have dark circles that won't go away?

First condition:

When a blue ring surrounds the eye, the vascular circles appear dark around the eye. This condition is caused by poor blood and lymphatic circulation, which normally evacuates several substances, including blood pigments .

Pigments can accumulate due to poor microcirculation of the lower eyelid with age or genetics. Capillaries, which are mostly made up of collagen, become larger and more distended as the skin becomes pigmented.

Second condition:

Dark circles are brown to brown in color and are caused by many mechanisms. In the skin and dermis of the lower eyelid, the pigment appears excessively.

Melanin pigments are usually present in the epidermis of the skin. Family history plays an important role in the appearance of dark eyes.

SIHO's natural tips:

  • Reduce time spent in front of screens
  • Practicing a regular sporting activity (walking, running)
  • Balanced food rich in fiber and seasonal vegetables
  • Practice a relaxation activity (yoga, relaxation, breathing)
  • Get quality sleep

The super foods recommended by SIHO

To conclude:

Having dark circles under the eyes is not inevitable. By finding a healthy lifestyle, a recuperative sleep, the bags under the eyes disappear naturally. Otherwise, it may be due to genetic predispositions or metabolic disturbance. Remember to consult your doctor to obtain the opinion of a health professional.

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