chaga, extract in capsules

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Our chaga comes from sustainable plantations in Finland.

Chaga is an organic food supplement, sometimes used as a superfood with many nutritional benefits. Used for centuries in herbal medicine for its action on the natural defences, it has multiple nutritional properties that help strengthen the immune system.

Known for its multiple benefits, chaga extract contains some unique active ingredients such as betulinic acid. It has recognized antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This will result in acting against fatigue and thus increase your vitality.

To benefit from its benefits, a supplementation of a dose of two capsules per day is recommended. Like all supplements, it should be taken as part of a healthy diet to improve its absorption and thus its assimilation.

Note that, consumed in large quantities, it can create intestinal discomfort due to its high oxalate content.

Anti-âge : antioxydant majeur, il possède l’indice ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) le plus élevé de tous les aliments. Ainsi il aide le corps à lutter contre l’oxydation des cellules.

Anti-inflammatoire et antiviral : en favorisant la formation de cytokines bénéfiques, le chaga stimule les globules blancs, qui sont essentiels pour combattre les bactéries ou les virus nuisibles.

Renforce le système immunitaire grâce à sa forte teneur en bêta-glucane.

Baisse le « mauvais » cholestérol (LDL) et augmente le « bon » (HDL) probablement grâce aux nombreux antioxydants qu’il contient.

100% extrait de chaga (inonotus obliquus) bio, issu du fruit (et non du mycellium) concentré à 15% de polysaccharides.

Extrait à l'eau et aux ultrasons, il contient tous les composés actifs de ce champignon. Ils sont hautement biodisponibles.

Origine : notre chaga est récolté sur des bouleaux dans le nord de la Finlande.

Dose par gélule: 270mg d'extrait concentré de chaga, gélule végétale (HPMC) et c'est tout.
Sans anti-agglomérant, sans conservateur ni colorant.

90 gélules, soit 45j de prise recommandée.

100% organic chaga (inonotus obliquus) extract, from the fruit (not the mycellium) concentrated at 15% polysaccharides.

Extracted with water and ultrasound, it contains all the active compounds of this fungus. They are highly bioavailable.

Origin: our chaga is harvested from birch trees in northern Finland.

Dose per capsule: 270mg of concentrated chaga extract, vegetable capsule (HPMC) and that's it.
Without anti-caking agent, preservative or coloring.

90 capsules, i.e. 45 days of recommended intake.

The only side effect that may possibly exist will be in people who are sensitive to oxalates and who take it for a long time: the kidneys could be tired in the long run.

Although there is no study, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it as a precaution. Chaga may interact with some common medications, causing potentially unwanted effects. It is not recommended in case of diabetes because of its hypoglycemic activity. If you are taking blood thinners or before an operation, also avoid it as it can prevent blood clotting.

The goal of Siho is to offer you products that act in depth on different issues. With its exceptional antioxidant properties, chaga, still too little known, had to be part of our product range. Our way of life having become too inflammatory, starting from our diet, we are convinced that consuming chaga regularly is beneficial to fight against this oxidative stress.

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