Lion's mane extract, in capsules

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The lion's mane (hericium erinaceus - hydne hérisson) is a medicinal mushroom recognized for its virtues as well gustatory as physiological. Derived from the carpophore (and not from the mycelium) it is extracted with water and ultrasound with a concentration of 12% polysaccharides.

Traditionally used to improve digestive disorders, its active ingredients also act on the brain.

To benefit from its benefits, a supplementation of two capsules per day is recommended.

Like all supplements, it should be taken as part of a healthy diet to improve its absorption, and thus its bioavailability.

Note that there is not enough research that has been done for pregnant women, which is why we do not recommend consuming it as a cure. However, being consumed as an edible mushroom in Japan, it should not pose a problem.

Vegan and organic product, laboratory tested on heavy metals and mould, obviously GMO-free and pure (without additives).

100% lion's mane carpophore extract (hericium erinaceus - hedgehog mane), concentrated at 12% polysaccharides.

Doubly extracted, it contains all the active compounds, including the two most studied: ericenones and erinacins.

Origin: our lion's mane is grown on birch stumps in Finland.

Dose per capsule: 270mg of concentrated hericium extract, vegetable capsule (HPMC) and that's it!
Without anti-caking agent, preservative or coloring.

90 capsules, i.e. 45 days of recommended intake.

100% extrait de carpophore de crinière de lion (hericium erinaceus - hydne hérisson), concentré à 12% de polysaccharides.

Doublement extrait, il contient tous les composés actifs, dont les deux plus étudiés: éricénones et érinacines.

Origine : notre crinière de lion est cultivée sur des souches de bouleau en Finlande.

Dose par gélule: 270mg d'extrait concentré d'hericium, gélule végétale (HPMC) et c'est tout !
Sans anti-agglomérant, sans conservateur ni colorant.

90 gélules, soit 45j de prise recommandée.


A ce jour aucun effet secondaire ni contre-indication n’ont été recensés.

Seules les personnes atteintes d’un syndrome d’activation mastocytaire pourront éventuellement ressentir une gêne passagère.

Side effects and contraindications

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