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Also known as: shilajatu, shilajitu, mumiyo, mumijo

THE shilajit is a natural dietary supplement that helps strengthen your immune system. Thanks to nutritional intake important in nutrients (70% fulvic acid and 80 minerals) it provides support for natural defenses as well as during a detox cure.

Its many benefits have been widely demonstrated over the past twenty years by numerous scientific studies, such as anti-inflammatory properties, better vitality or even improved metabolism and nervous system.

Shilajit is an adaptogen. As such, even taken in large quantities, it has no side effects.

Vegan product, laboratory tested on heavy metals and mould, obviously GMO-free and pure (without additives).

👉 This cure is offered to you in capsule, you can also find it in powder or resin by clicking right here.

- Increases your energy throughout the day thanks to its 80 minerals and fulvic acid
- Improves the efficiency of your immune system and antiviral action
- Improves your thinking skills
- Improves your physical performance


Purified, shilajit comes in the form of black resin.
In order to be put into a capsule, it will be frozen then crushed, without any other modification.

Note that the quality of shilajit does not change with temperature variations.

HPMC capsules.

No additives, gluten or lactose. 100% Pure Shilajit.

2 capsules per day, i.e. 580mg of shilajit, ideally on an empty stomach in the morning.

The energy-boosting effects of shilajit have been proven from 500mg/day.

Fulvic acid: this acid will help the body better transport the vitamins and minerals it needs. It has an important function in the elimination of heavy metals.

Dibenzo alpha pyrones: this unique compound will enhance ATP production within the mitochondria by increasing CoQ10 production and improving the mitochondrial electron transport chain.

More than 80 minerals and trace elements: mainly sodium and sulphur. For the rest, the list is long:

Benzoic acid, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, nickel, potassium, silicon, silver, sodium, barium, sulfur, iodine, strontium, rubidium, cesium, chromium, antimony, vanadium, molybdenum, phosphorus, glycosides, retinol carotenoids, Terpenoids, vitamin A, B, (including B2 and B12), vitamin C, D and E, melanoidin, polyphenols, dibenzo-alpha pyrones, phospholipid triterpenes and phenolic acids, albuminoids, hippuric and oxalic acid, tannic acid and bioflavonoids.

IRON: Shilajit can increase iron levels.
Therefore, people with conditions such as hemochromatosis (an excess of iron in the blood) should avoid it until further human studies can be performed.

TESTOSTERONE: Shilajit can alter hormone levels in the body, including a significant increase in total testosterone levels.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Shilajit can reduce blood pressure. If you are on anti-hypertensive talk to your doctor.

Looking for a natural food supplement that could help me restore my energy for a long time (unlike caffeine), I also wanted it to have no side effects because I was extremely sensitive to most food supplements. Spirulina gave me serious stomach aches. After scouring classic naturopathic supplements, I turned to traditional medicines, including Ayurveda.

I discovered the existence of pure shilajit resin, a plant extract used as a rasayana. The rasayana is in Ayurvedic medicine: a rejuvenation cure. I did a lot of research on this product (which you can check out here). After trying it, I was convinced by the medicinal virtues of shilajit. I then returned to the source in order to obtain the purest possible shilajit resin. I carried out a test on its heavy metal content in a French laboratory to be sure of its quality. Since then, I drink it every morning on an empty stomach in hot water, a bit like coffee, but knowing that it's much better for your health.

The weeks that followed, I felt a real boost of energy, without a slump during the day. Gradually, my sleep became more restful (I slept more soundly) and my brain began to function better.

Not finding shilajit in France, I decided to create SIHO, in order to share the benefits of this product with as many people as possible.

Now you know why SIHO offers 100% pure shilajit resin.

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