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Organic soluble fiber complex from four natural ingredients:

- acacia fibers,

- baobab powder

- lion's mane / hericium (medicinal mushroom)

- larch bark / arabinogalactan

forming short chain fatty acids, food for good bacteria. Very gentle on the intestine, they are highly tolerable.

In a few weeks, find an optimal transit (whether it is too slow or too fast at the base) and make your good microbiota prosper.

Vegan, gluten-free, pure (no additives) and GMO-free of course.

Say goodbye to constipation, diarrhea and gas. The fibers regulate your transit mechanically.

Feed your good bacteria. Prebiotics are to probiotics what fertilizer is to a garden: they help your healthy gut flora settle in and thrive in your digestive tract.

Supplement your fiber needs with a few teaspoons a day: our daily need for fiber is rarely met. This mixture helps you do that.

Acacia fiber, baobab powder, arabinogalactan (larch bark) and lion's mane / hericium.

Acacia fiber is also carbon neutral, ensuring a real reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Origin: our acacia fiber and the baobab are harvested in the Sahelian belt, also called the gum belt, which runs through Africa from Senegal to Ethiopia.

Acacia cultivation is part of a sustainable development approach, involving the preservation of natural resources and the protection of local communities.

Larch bark is harvested in Siberia.

Lion's Mane (medicinal mushroom) is grown in Finland.


In the form of an odorless and tasteless powder, you can mix Boostaflore in water or any other drink, hot or cold: a soup, a coffee, a fruit juice... anything as long as there is water. Indeed, Boostaflore needs liquid to dissolve and become very gentle on your intestines.


Between one and three teaspoons a day depending on your needs. We strongly advise you to start with a teaspoon (or even half if you have a rather rapid transit) and every three days to increase the dose by a teaspoon. And this until obtaining a regular transit, neither too fast nor too slow.

Soluble fibers: naturally present in our diet, associated with insoluble fibers that are more aggressive for the intestinal wall, soluble fibers increase the volume of stools by absorbing the water present in the intestine. Thus for constipated people the body will feel a fullness effect more quickly and will therefore take action to evacuate the overflow more quickly. For people suffering from excessively rapid transit and/or diarrhea due to too much water, the soluble fibers will absorb it, which will have the effect of normalizing transit.

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFA): once in your intestine, Boostaflore will not be digested and transformed into sugar like conventional food. On the contrary, its fibers will create short-chain fatty acids that will feed your good bacteria, and only the good ones. They will also improve the response of your immune system, making you less vulnerable to external aggressions.

A forte dose, Boostaflore peut provoquer une diarrhée passagère.

Ainsi, nous vous conseillons vivement de commencer par une cuillère à café par jour, diluée dans un grand verre d'eau ou, mieux, dans un bouteille d'eau que vous boirez au cours de la journée.

After months of taking antibiotics, my intestinal flora was reduced to nothing.

So I did like everyone else: I took probiotics, of all brands, at all prices, for years. Some were ineffective or even worsened my condition because of their histamine content, most gave me temporary good.

I thus, like you perhaps, spent a small fortune in food supplements which did not remain in my body. And for good reason: the flora contained in the probiotics did not correspond to that present in my intestine. So as soon as the intake is stopped, the body expels them.

After a few weeks there is nothing left and everything has to be started over. So what to do? Consuming probiotics for life? There had to be another solution.

Here is the solution: feed YOUR good bacteria, grow YOUR intestinal flora thanks to highly digestible soluble fibres. And stop taking probiotics.

🍃 - Véronique suffered from constipation, a problem that tired her on a daily basis. To help she was eating high fiber vegetables (which is great) and psyllium (which is useless in the long run). His condition had improved but not perfect. She then tested I've gut the power. Three days later her stomach began to move again and after two weeks she was once again having a bowel movement every day. She then continued to increase the dose and then her transit became too rapid (the only possible side effect of the mixture). She then reduced it to find a daily frequency. She then bought 450g of this natural dietary supplement (which saved her money). So in a few months she was freed from this problem. Maybe she'll do it again next year, but maybe not.

🍃 - Following her last pregnancy Fanny began to suffer from transit problems: if before it was regular it was afterwards once a week. She then took medication for constipation, with all the unpleasant effects that followed. After taking I've gut the power every day for a month, his intestine started to work (almost) like before.

🍃 - Elodie is hypothyroid. Like many French women (this problem mainly affects women) she waited years before having this diagnosis, despite strong suspicions and her insistence with the medical profession. One of the consequences is a slow transit. In addition to the fatigue she feels because of a malfunction of her thyroid, her constipation makes her even more tired. After a few days of taking I've gut the power (which she mixes in her bottle to drink at work) the mechanics start working again. At the end of the pot, not only has her transit become regular, but she also feels less tired.

🍃 - After a stay in Bali Luc came back with a bad stomach ache, resolved after taking broad-spectrum antibiotics. Except that since his digestion has become complicated: gas and diarrhea have appeared. If the rice and the green clay relieved him for a while as soon as he stops his worries come back. A friend recommended soluble fiber to increase his good bacteria and reduce gas. After three weeks of mixing I've gut the power in his infusions, he was able to say goodbye to his problems.

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