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Why do we use ultraviolet glass jars?

Why do we use ultraviolet glass jars?

Short answer: because Miron glass jars are the best jars in the world.

Want a slightly more elaborate explanation? It's happening below.

A story without compromise

At Siho we seek out the best ingredients, so that they are as effective, clean and ethical as possible. What we apply to our products we had to do also to everything else, starting with the containers.

Indeed, what is the point of having top quality ingredients in jars that do not retain their qualities? This is unfortunately what is mostly offered on the market and what we did not want.

series of Miron Ultra-Violet glass jars

Why do we use Miron pots?

In short: because Miron glass jars are the best jars in the world. Ok, let's repeat ourselves. These pots have all the qualities we were looking for, namely:

  • Preservation of products : their properties mean that they preserve food optimally, much better than other containers.
  • Taste intact : even after months in a cupboard, mushrooms, for example, will not have changed in taste.
  • Ethics : both the jars and the caps are made in Germany by a Dutch company.
  • Beauty : if you see them black in real life photos they are a deep purple, beautiful in the light.
  • Solidity : 10 to 20% thicker than a classic pot, you won't be afraid to drop it.
  • Reusable : although they are recyclable we strongly encourage you to reuse them. For example, use the shilajit jars as a candle holder, where you can place tealights.

How it works ?

If you have read other of our articles you will easily understand this direct reference to Michel Chevalet. It's very simple and… very complicated at the same time.

Light is life.

Without light we would not exist. But light can, at certain stages, accelerate cell degradation. Indeed, if all living organisms need the full spectrum of light to grow, once they reach maturity the role of light changes and accelerates aging.

What is good in nature (the cycle of life and death) is not good when preserving food. Indeed the goal here is to preserve their qualities as long as possible. The idea is therefore to keep only the spectra that interest us, namely UVA and infrared.

Other types of glass:

  • keep the full light spectrum (transparent and green pots)
  • eliminate UVA rays (amber glass)
  • eliminate UVA and visible spectrum (black glass)

Miron glass filters out harmful rays and lets only beneficial rays through: UVA, violet, near and far infrared.

Result: the products you put in it will stay intact much longer than with other jars.

ultraviolet glass jar

To sum up, when you store your food supplements, your spices, your tea, your cosmetics… in a jar, even glass, it will necessarily deteriorate over time. The light that penetrates it will cause it. By removing the undesirable spectrum and keeping those that are beneficial for conservation, UV glass jars will have the opposite effect: rather than degrading them, they will preserve them like no other.

We made this choice… expensive (you can look at how much a Miron jar costs per unit on Google, that's cool) to preserve what we care about most: your satisfaction by buying supplements of irreproachable quality.

Here is a video that explains in pictures and with other words how it works (note: if you use an ad blocker the video will not be displayed).

MIRON Violetglass in english from MIRON Violetglass on Vimeo .

Rather than recycling it… reuse it!

We've all done it one day or another: use yoghurt jars as pencil holders, jars of (tarama, olives, herring, it's up to you) as spice jars. But let's face it: it does not make terrible terrible.

If you haven't seen it since your visit to our site, you will see it when your order arrives: Miron jars are super classy. In any case, this is our opinion and that of many of our customers. So even if recycling is good, reuse is even better! The English call it upcycling. If at home this trend has been established for a long time, a bit like the doggy bag, at home there is still a long way to go!

At Siho, we invite you to be at the forefront and to promote this practice with plenty to do… pots that throw it!

In practice how do we do it? Wash the pot, dry it… ok ok you got it. Then let your imagination run wild. A jar of shilajit can serve as a receptacle for your tealights; it can also be used to optimally preserve your homemade cosmetics or your shaving cream, both made with shilajit of course (we give you recipes here). In the reishi, chaga, lion's mane or champimix 3 jars you can store your spices, your tinctures or even your homemade toothpaste.

For the rest there is room for your imagination. We'd love to see how you use them so... email us at

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